Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Dirt Bike This Winter Season

The winter season can bring out the lazy side in almost everyone. However, before you get ready to relax and enjoy the cold season in the comforts of your home, if you are a dirt bike enthusiast, you should take the precautionary steps to make sure your motorcycle is properly protected and stored this winter.

To make sure that your ride will be ready to go when the snow starts to melt, follow these useful dirt bike care, maintenance, and storage tips:

If your bike has a carburetor, drain the tank, fuel lines, and carburetor bowl. To do this right, keep the gas cap off completely for 24 hours to dry everything out. If you don’t, there will be some leftover fuel. This usually turns tacky and just ends up blocking the jets which, of course, can affect the running efficiency or performance of your motorbike.

Remove old oil. Over time, a running engine’s oil changes from a clean, gold-colored fluid to dirty, black sludge. In just a few months’ time, the contaminants in old oil can corrode into some engine parts and do some serious damage. As such, don’t forget to change the oil and filter plug before storing your ride this winter season to avoid a troublesome situation later on.

Consider running the bike for a few minutes every week. By following this tip, you will prevent fuel from “sleeping,” and if you rev the bike up several times a week, fuel would course through the jets and this will keep the jets clean throughout the winter.

Look after the bike’s tires. If possible, store your bike with the tires off the ground. This is because taking the weight off your wheels is the best way to avoid flat spots or uneven wear. If this is not, possible, fill your tires to the maximum recommended volume, put your ride on its center stand, and rotate the front tire once a week to keep the flat spots away.

Wash, dry, and wax your dirt bike before storing it. In general, the metal on your motorcycle tends to accumulate moisture, which can easily cause rust if your dirt bike is left unattended for a long period of time. Washing, painstakingly drying, and waxing your dirt bike before putting it away for the winter will help prevent corrosion and other damage.

Lastly, if you have a battery-powered bike, make sure to maintain the battery’s charge. You can take out the battery, but this can be too much work for you. As such, simply charge the battery every week whenever you start the bike to prevent fuel from sleeping.

Locating and Working With Motorcycle Dealers in Your Area

Like car dealerships, motorcycle dealers are there to help you find the best bike to suit your needs. Also like car dealerships, you need to consider a few things before buying from a specific dealership.


Motorcycle dealers may not be as prevalent in your area. That does not mean that you should just go to what is available. You still need to research the businesses in your area and see what other bikers think of them and their service. If you are new to biking, you will also want to work with a dealership that is willing to assist you.

Services for New Riders

The services they offer to help you learn to ride are important. This is especially true for new riders, but even riders with some experience who have not been on a bike in a while can benefit. Many motorcycle dealers have classes available for you to learn how to ride a motorbike. These classes also assist you in getting your license. Some shops also have bikes on hand for you to practice on, with the instructor present. You need to remember not to take the practice bike on the road, as it is illegal without your license. By having experts on staff, these dealerships are better suited to help you pick out the best bike for you.

Help Guiding You to the Right Bike

Buying a bike is not like buying a car. There are other things to consider like height and power. Newer riders need something that is not as powerful as someone with more experience handling the bike. Also, shorter riders need something with a lower seat so their feet can reach the pavement safely. Good motorcycle dealers will ask your experience before showing you what they have available. They will also ask about what types of motorcycles you have handled before. Yes, it is in their job to sell you a bike, but the best ones are going to be more concerned with getting you the right one instead of just any of them.

Considering Used

Most motorcycle dealers will have both new and used models on their lots. Even though you might want to get a brand new option, buying used could be a better option for your budget. Before you buy used, make sure that it has been thoroughly checked out by a mechanic to ensure that there are no issues. Some dealerships have mechanics on-site to certify their offerings so you have some peace of mind that the engine works the way they say it does.


You can negotiate the price of your purchase just as you can when you buy a car. However, when you are negotiating you should ask the dealer if the setup fee is included. This could save you money on adjusting the foot pegs, suspension, and levers to suit you, if necessary. While most will include this in the cost, others do not and add it to the price after you’ve negotiated a price you are happy with.

Australian Motorcycle Trips

Being such a vast, flat and open country, Australia is the ideal place to go on road trips; especially by bike. There is so much to explore, so many different places to visit and so much to see and do. In this article we’ll take a brief look at some locations for Australian motorcycle trips and what’s on offer.

Sydney Bike Spots

The nation’s largest city by population doesn’t have to mean spending all your time sitting on your bike stuck in traffic. There are places to go and things to see that your motorbike can take you. You may have to get out of town a little, but just north of Sydney you have the beautiful Hunter Valley, west are the Blue Mountains and National Parks and State Forest to the south.

The Blue Mountains is a World Heritage listed region, full of unspoilt scenery such as the Three Sisters. A bike ride here with a group of friends is something you must do, with many scenic and winding roads taking you right through the mountain ranges. There are plenty of places you can stop off for a coffee or bite to eat, and why not make a full day of it and go on a few bushwalks to the many waterfalls in the area.

The wine district of the picturesque Hunter Valley is right on Sydney’s doorstep. Ride the roads between the vineyards and sample some of the country’s best wines along the way.

If staying in the city, a ride to Sydney Heads or through Bondi can still be fun, or take a trip further down to the coastal regions of St George and Cronulla.

Perth Bike Trips

The city of Perth itself has some beautiful spots to take a bike ride to, such as Kings Park and Botanic Gardens. Or perhaps a ride nearby the Swan River or up to Fraser Avenue lookout. There are also some great wine areas within the region of this city.

My suggestion is to get your friends together and head out of town for a few days, following the coast south to Bunbury, the Margaret River and Albany, then circling back to Perth via an inland route. There are some great forest areas on this strip, with long stretches of winding road.

Another idea is to head west of Perth on a short trek to the historic town of York. It’s only about an hour from the city and you travel through some very scenic countryside.